Best Dog Food for Shih Tzu with Allergies

Shih Tzu AllergiesShih Tzus can be allergic to a whole host of foods. The most common of which are grains, corn, soy, eggs, pork, turkey, chicken, and beef. There can be many side effects of allergies to certain types of food. These can include itching, swollen paws, coughing, sneezing, yeast infections, gas, vomiting, or diarrhea. It can be a process identifying the source of the allergy. You will have to test out various foods and note any reactions to them. Once you have pinpointed the allergy’s source, it is much easier to find a food that will be right for your Shih Tzu. It will be vital to read through all the ingredients of food to see if it contains something your dog will have an allergy to.


If your pup is allergic to grains, there are quite a few options available. Blue Buffalo has a line of completely grain-free canned food. The flavors combine duck, lamb, turkey, or salmon with potato, for both large and small breeds. The first few ingredients are the actual foods promised in the description. For example, the first three ingredients of the turkey and potato canned food are turkey, turkey broth, and potatoes. Unlike many brands of dog food, this line has limited ingredients, giving you peace of mind that you know what your dog is ingesting.

For a dry version, California Natural has five different flavors of grain-free food. They include lamb meal, chicken meal, salmon meal and peas, venison and green lentils, and kangaroo and red lentils. While it sounds strange, consumers reported the kangaroo and red lentil food to be very beneficial to their dogs. It was an option when their pets were allergic to grain and other proteins. Lentils are also a nice alternative to potatoes in your dog’s diet.


Purina Beyond Simply 9 Natural White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley dry dog food is an excellent choice if your Shih Tzu is allergic to corn. It also does not contain wheat or soy. The very first ingredient is chicken. It is nice to know that you won’t be feeding your pet fillers that are present in many other brands. Pet owners stated that this food eased their dogs’ bad allergies and caused ear infections to subside. They also claimed that their pets were itching less as well.

Another option for corn-free dog food is the brand, Taste of the Wild. None of their flavors include corn, which can cause an allergic reaction in your Shih Tzu. They provide five different sizes of bags to choose from, as well as bison & venison, boar, lamb, salmon, venison, and waterfowl flavors of food. This dog food helped not only ease dog allergies, but also gave pets shiny hair and better breath.


If your Shih Tzu is allergic to soy, Natural Balance provides limited ingredient foods that do not contain soy. Not only that, there are less carbohydrates in their recipes than other brands. Natural Balance even claims that their products are perfect for dogs with food sensitivities. Pet parents reported that their dog had better digestion and fewer bouts of diarrhea with this brand of food. It has also been said to cure skin rashes due to food allergies.


While it can be difficult to find egg-free dog food, California Natural has been reported to be the perfect solution for those pet owners whose dogs are allergic to eggs. It is easily digestible and has helped dogs who got sick off of other types of food.


It is much easier to find dog food that does not contain a protein that your dog is allergic to than it is to find food without grains, soy, and corn. Especially if the brand has limited ingredient recipes, it will be simple to find a flavor that works for your dog. Many of the aforementioned brands carry multiple types of protein flavors, so it is a matter of choosing one that is won’t upset your Shih Tzu. As previously mentioned, California Natural carries a kangaroo food if your dog doesn’t do well with most proteins.

When you feed the Shih Tzu, always make sure to follow the general guidelines and follow best practices that we have outlined at the best dog food for Shih Tzu


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